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Blackburn Garden Business Solutions How are we different?
How are we different?

Having fulfilled our own entrepreneurial ambitions, we have established Blackburn Garden purely with the aim of achieving continued professional fulfilment, interest and enjoyment.

We think this makes us different from most other business consultants:

    ●    We are not distracted by our own ambitions or those of a large organisation.

    ●    So you will get impartiality and real focus on your business solutions.

    ●    And we won’t offer advice designed to ensure we get repeat business.

    ●    No blame culture – we aim to help make your management the heroes.

    ●    You will always work directly with the partners – no raw graduates earning fees for their bosses back
           in the office.

    ●    We only charge you for our time – we do not need to support an expensive infrastructure –
          so our rates are reasonable and affordable with no hidden extras.

    ●    And you will like seeing us!

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