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Blackburn Garden Business Solutions How will it work?
How will it work?

Well, that all depends on you, but for example ...

●     Firstly, we should meet to see if we think we could work together.

●     We would be delighted to meet with you on a ‘no-commitment’ basis to discuss our credentials in more detail.

●     If you feel you would like to work with us and we feel we have relevant experience for your business,
       we can discuss how to best set up our working relationship.

●     Depending upon the issues you have, we would undertake an initial stage of analysis.
       We would then share this with you with some initial suggestions of options.
       We would seek your reaction to these before moving forward.

●     Further development of strategies and plans can be undertaken by us or with your direct input.
       Our aim is to add value to your business so that in future you are better able to solve issues without outside help

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